Welcome to a world of light!


Quietfire Creations Upcycles lamps adding magical colors and motion to the lamps that have caught my eye…

As for the lamps, I’ve been searching for the ones that call to me. I bring them back to my shop where they sit within my view as I work. Through the days I cast my gaze over them until they speak to be, telling me how they wish to be recreated. Sometimes it is just how many LEDs the lamp needs. Sometimes they ask for a rebuild of their shade, others and entirely new shade. And then there are the controls, most often touch controls. But what to touch? Coins? Gears? or maybe something else.

Once they have spoken to me the work begins. The LEDs are dropped into 3d printed diffusers to soften and blur the individual LEDs. A processor is added, sometimes hidden in the body of the lamp, sometimes built in with the LED diffusers. Then add to that processor hundreds, sometimes thousands of lines of code. A power supply is selected based on how many LEDs the lamp holds and if it can be contained within, or as an external. The controls need to be created and incorporated into the lamp. On rare occasions the controls are blue tooth to be controlled by either Android or iDevices. The blue tooth controls are rare as they have to be matched to your flavor of device, be it Android or iDevice. 

Each lamp is a journey of creation. At the end of it all, I find myself a little heart broken to offer them up to you. But alas, there are only so many lamps I have room for. How many lamps do you have room for? As you browse through the creations and pending creations, you may find yourself asking that very question.

I invite you to come into my virtual shop to explore and see how the each lamp is born as well as meet those who are in waiting.

Thank you for visiting.